What is Dohapoint?

Based in Doha, Qatar,  Dohapoint is an innovative retailer of products and services, we recognize that consistently satisfying our customers is key to our success.

What is Dohapont Services?

Dohapoint Service has in a matter of weeks become an essential service for customers across Qatar. With Communities large and small, we’re working around the clock to ensure families can rely on us for the household essentials they need and that customers can turn to us as an immediate, safe and flexible shopping opportunity. Dohapoint Service exists to support customers, shoppers and retail partners every step of the way.

How do I order a Service in Dohapoint?

Visit our secured site at, click on the service which you required. Then contact us via mobile +974 6633 3683 and let us know your requirement and get cost for the service. Enter your cost and click “Add to Cart”. Go to Check out and sign up for Dohapoint account. Once your account has been made you can pay the amount and your order will start processing.

How does the payment process work?

Payment is submitted online directly to Dohapoint. After creating your order, you’ll be prompted to submit your payment via a secure credit or debit card transaction(QPay). Cash, checks, gift cards and other forms of tender are not accepted as valid forms of payment.

How do I know when my order is ready?

You will receive email on each stage of processing your order. If you want to change or cancel your order, has a question, replace an item or finishes your order, you can contact us or text us.

Where does Dohapoint Deliver?

Dohapoint deliver anywhere within Qatar. But the delivery charges will vary based on the location.

What are the delivery hours?

The typical delivery hours are between 9 AM and 1 AM. Remember, the same day delivery is possible only for Shopping service, Food delivery, Medicine Delivery and Gift Delivery. Dohapoint will make every effort to deliver your order on the same day, however if you are placing an order just prior to closing, the earliest delivery time may move to the following day when the store re-opens. On holidays, delivery hours are subject to change per store holiday hours. Other Services will be done within 48 hours after placing the order.

How much does the service & delivery cost?

Dohapoint charges a delivery fee and a service fee that are included in the total cost of your order. The minimum service charge is QAR 100 and minimum delivery charge is QAR 30.

Is there a minimum order amount for Delivery?

No. But the customer must pay the service charge for each service.

Who is doing the shopping and delivery?

Dohapoint has a network of Dohapoint Shoppers and PROs. Dohapoint Shoppers pick, check out, and pack specific items on a customer’s shopping list and then deliver the order directly to the customer. The PROs will do other documentation service, banking service or any other service which customer order for.

Can I order a service that is not found on the site?

Yes. During your online shopping experience with Dohapoint, if you cannot find a service in your search, click “General Services” and you can describe us your needs via phone and we will inform either that service can be done or not. 

Can I add something to my order if I forgot?

Yes, our shoppers would be happy to add items to your order – just ask us through a call or text. If you do not have time to message us, you can do an additional transaction at pickup to purchase extra items.

Can I cancel my service order?

You may cancel your service for a full refund with no additional fees, up until the Dohapoint has started processing for your order.

Can I return items from my order?

If you placed an order using Dohapoint’s website and are not satisfied with any of the items on your order, please contact Dohapoint Support. Please ensure you have your order number and details ready. The service charge will not refunded for returned orders.

How far in advance can I place my order?

Orders can be placed up to 7 days prior to delivery. Orders can be schedule for delivery time according with the customer’s convenience which should be inform during placing order.

What happens if prices change between when I place my order and when it is delivered?

The price you pay for a service ordered through Dohapoint is the price the service charge and an approximate amount of your required service. If the total price exceeds than you paid for your service can be pay at the time of delivery and if the total price is least than you paid, then the balance will be refund at the time of delivery.

How do I get a copy of my receipt?

To access a receipt, please print the receipt emailed to you from Dohapoint or log-in to your Dohapoint account to access past receipts. QAR 30 is chargeable if the customer wants original receipt after the completion of services like banking, delivery and legal documentation etc..

How can I contact Dohapoint about issues or questions about my delivery experience?

Phone: +974 6633 3683 | Email: [email protected]