Twin Draft Guard Under Door Draft Stopper 90cm


Stop drafts from doors and windows for good with the Twin Draft Guard. The draft guard has been designed to snuggly hug doors and windows so that you’re protected from drafts from both sides. Once you’ve cut the special insert to size, just slide it into place and you’re done! No need to keep adjusting or fussing with it like other door draft stoppers.

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Twin Draft Guard Under Door Draft Stopper

  • It measures 90cm x 11.5cm x 3.2cm and comes in a neutral coffee colorto blend with any decor.
  • Efficient Twin Draft Guard – Door Bottom Energy Saving Under Door Draft Stopper Doorway Clean
  • Makes heating & cooling your home more efficient.
  • Easy to install – just slides into place
  • You can save a lot of power if you are running an air conditioner in your room. An AC needs to work harder if there is air leak from the room, especially from under the door. Stop those air leaks and save money on electric bill.
  • The Twin Draft Guard is made from a washable fabric that is abrasion resistant. Not only does the draft guard help keep the heat in and cold out, it also keeps dust, sand, and bugs out while also helping with sound insulation.