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Geepas Digital Food Dehydrator is a very simple, easy to use kitchen item. You can use it to preserve various snacks at a time. It is very precise in the temperature and time control.

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  • 5 Levels For Drying
    This dehydrator has five levels for drying. You can keep your items separate and keep them preserved at different levels. Not all types of food are the same, and that is why it is suitable for all of them. It gives you a variety of choices in temperature level and time.
  • 48 Hours Timer Setting
    The timer function is quite straightforward and precise. You can set it up to maximum 48 hours. It carefully removes the moisture and retains the natural healthiness of the food. With this, the food can be kept in the original crisp and fresh state for a long time.
  • Thermostat And Timer
    These two work together to help you choose the best temperature and time for the type of food you have put in it.
  • Adjustable Tray Height
    All trays are adjustable according to height and can be removed with ease. You can choose a different height level for all five sections. Set your food according to your needs.

Now you can enjoy the delicious taste, crisp texture and vitamins all year round. It is very easy to keep the snacks healthy and safe. So, let’s preserve some delicious memories!