Olsenmark Double Burner Infrared Cooker

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The Olsenmark Double Burner Infrared Cooker which works on 3200W ceramic hot plate is an easy to clean high powered double hot plate, ideal for cooking where space is limited. Infrared burner adopts far-infrared energy assembly technique, to achieve vertical heat conduction, reducing thermal energy transmission losses, faster heating, high efficiency and saving electricity costs. You can also use a 99 minutes digital timer. Besides, 10 level of watt settings for your selection with digital LED display.

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Olsenmark Double Burner Infrared Cooker OMIC2280

  • Suitable For All Cooking Pot – The Olsenmark Electric Ceramic Infrared Cooker works with all types of cookware: cast iron, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and more. Scratch-resistant glass plate allows for quickly and evenly cooks cookware of different materials.
  • Convenient Carry & Isolated Handles – It’s easy and safe to move anywhere with handles, perfect for party, kitchen renovation, camping, RV, or dormitory. Isolated handles designed so that you can lift the hot plate with ease and without burning yourself making it safe to move anywhere.
  • 2 Burner Infrared Cooker – The two plates of the Olsenmark Double Burner Infrared Cooker heat pots and pans with 1800 + 800 watts of 2 ceramic heating element in a quick and energy-saving.
  • Overheat Protection & Over Current Protection – This safety feature avoids danger when the temperature of the hot plate goes too high. The indicator light turns off immediately and when the temperature is back to normal, it turns back on and heating resumes. Over-current protection is a protection against excessive currents or current beyond the acceptable current rating of the cooker.
  • Stainless Steel Body – Corrosion-resistant stainless steel body for easy cleanup, ensures good strength to withstand. Wait for cooling after use, just wipe with a clean cloth. Compact enough to store without hassle.
  • 2 Years of Manufacturer Warranty.