Handheld Dishwashing Brush


The cleaning brush is very simple. You can add detergent to the wash brush to make washing easier. Hard hair wash pot brush scouring pad wash pot brush handle to change two brush heads, with or without pot brush easy to apply. The curved brush head design allows you to perform a wide range of cleaning. 

QAR 35.00

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Dishwashing Brush & Scrubber with Handle

  • Product Name: Soap Washing Pot Brush
  • Product size: 24*8*4.5cm
  • Product material: nylon
  • Product packaging: brush *1, sponge head *1
  • Protects your hands – This soap dispensing brush prevents direct contact with the cleaning solution.
  • Brush head accessories – Our dishwashing brush is perfect for kitchen cleaning.
  • Easy to clean – The cleaning brush is very simple; you can add cleaning solution inside the brush and easily clean the home.