Non Stick Burger Press


Ease your process in making fresh healthy burgers or patties, and make them all look equal as if there ready-made with this burger press. Due to the 2cm depth and lightweight handle press, with sufficient force you will be able to flatten burger mix into an even thickness and uniformed round 11.5cm burger ready to cook/grill or even freeze!

QAR 30.00

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Non Stick Burger Press

  • Press base is 3/4” or 2cm deep, 4.5”/11.5cm diameter
  • Uniform patties cook evenly
  • For easy removal and stacking, Line with plastic wrap or parchment paper for easy transfer to grill or cold storage
  • Ideal for beef, chicken, turkey, pork and vegetable burgers
  • Nonstick cast aluminium and comfortable wood handle
  • Use to form crab cakes and appetizers