Royalford Kitchen Tongs 7.5"

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RoyalFord Stainless Steel Food Tongs, 7.5″ is perfect to pick your favorite foods off the dish or tawa and pop it into your plate. This user-friendly design of this stainless steel food tong makes it convenient to use and offers maximum durability. The handle of this tong is 7.5″ which ensures maximum safety for your hands while cooking.

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Royalford Kitchen Tongs 7.5″ RF1177

  • Perfect kitchen tongs for Cooking, Serving, Barbecue, Buffet, Salad, Ice, Oven etc with their large clam-shaped clasping plates.
  • Made of robust stainless steel, with a long handle that provides a firm, comfortable grip and keeps your hands away from hazards. 
  • This cooking tong is made of stainless steel, which allows it to withstand high temperature. 
  • They have large clasping plates and a nice, snappy feel that makes them ideal for bigger items like burgers, corn cobs and bread rolls.
  • Maintaining a secure grasp over this food tongs is really easy. Thanks to their non-slip, soft-grip panels you can pick up, turn over, and serve foods with minimum effort.
  • The plates are slotted too, so they grab onto noodles and spaghetti really well.
  • Durable enough to serve food outdoors at BBQs and parties, or even for commercial use; they’re made of robust stainless steel.