Wall Mounted Cereal Dispenser 1.5KG


Wall-mounted Cereal container saves table space and keeps it clean. Comes with a strong non-marking sticker, which sticks firmly. Sealed storage tank keep grain moisture-proof and dust-proof. The transparent cereal container for easy to see clearly the remaining amount. The food Storage Container Can store all kinds of cereals, oatmeal, dry food, beans, candy, etc.

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Wall Mounted Cereal Dispenser 1.5KG 1Piece

  • Box cover is also a measuring cup; can sealing the box as well as measure the food.
  • Unique box body design, convenient to put into the refrigerator, save much place.
  • Wide mouth and lid for easy Loading food.
  • Transparent body, food in the box can be seen and large capacity.
  • Press the button of the cereal dispenser to take out food, control freely and keep it freshness
  • Can hold all kinds of food, like candy, grains,rice and so on
  • Material: ABS
  • Capacity: 1500GM
  • Quantity: 1 Piece