Black & Decker Accessory Set 124Pcs

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Accessories drill bits set for metal, wood, masonry, various screwdriver blades/bits, impact sockets, titanium bits etc. Ergonomically designed with complete kit. Magnetized screwdriver and socket set, a durable and high tempered storage carrying case, the titanium drill tool set has various sorts of drills and socket to fulfil wide range of requirements


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Black & Decker Metal Mixed Accessory Set (Red, 124-Pieces)

Package Contents: 1-Piece Titanium Drill 1.5mm, 1-Piece Titanium Drill 2mm, 1-Piece Titanium Drill 2.5mm, 2-Pieces Titanium Drill 3mm, 1-Piece Titanium Drill 3.5mm, 1-Piece Titanium Drill 4mm, 1-Piece Titanium Drill 4.5mm, 2-Pieces Titanium Drill 5mm, 55-Pieces Titanium Drill 6mm, 2-Pieces Wood Drill 3mm, 1-Piece Wood Drill 3.5mm, 1-Piece Wood Drill 4mm, 1-Piece Wood Drill 4.5mm, 2-Pieces Wood Drill 5mm, 1-Piece Wood Drill 5.5mm, 1-Piece Wood Drill 6mm, 1-Piece Wood Drill 6.5mm, 1-Piece Wood Drill 7mm, 1-Piece Wood Drill 7.5mm, 1-Piece Wood Drill 8mm, 1-Piece Masonry Drill Bit 3mm, 1-Piece Masonry Drill Bit 5mm, 1-Piece Masonry Drill Bit 6mm, 1-Piece Masonry Drill Bit 8mm, 1-Piece Masonry Drill Bit 10mm, 2-Pieces Socket 5mm, 1-Piece Socket 6mm, 1-Piece Socket 7mm, 1-Piece Socket 8mm, 1-Piece Socket 9mm, 1-Piece Socket 10mm, 1-Piece Socket 11mm, 1-Piece Socket 12mm, 1-Piece Socket 13mm, 3-Pieces PH Bits 0mm, 3-Pieces PH Bits 1mm, 3-Pieces PH Bits 2mm, 3-Pieces PH Bits 3mm, 1-Piece Torx Bits 10mm, 1-Piece Torx Bits 15mm, 2-Pieces Torx Bits 20mm, 2-Pieces Torx Bits 25mm, 2-Pieces Torx Bits 27mm, 2-Pieces Torx Bits 30mm, 1-Piece Bit Long PH 1mm, 2-Pieces Bit Long PH 2mm, 3-Pieces Bits, 1-Piece Torx 10mm, 1-Piece Torx 15mm, 1-Piece Torx 20mm and Magnetic Holder