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Nowadays, car air compressors are mostly multifunctional and can serve a variety of purposes. Although they are mainly designed to inflate car tires, they have been adapted in such a way by their manufacturers, that they can inflate bike tires using different pressure levels, as well as inflatable objects such as sports balls, pools, mattresses and what not. Depending on the pressure that they can release, some work for regular car tires, while others are suitable for SUV tires, too. However, it is not common for a small, portable air compressor to be compatible with truck tires that require a higher PSI level.

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  • Portable design
  • Multi-purpose functionalities
  • Work-light
  • Long cord
  • As many PSI as possible
  • Extreme temperature operation
  • Safety features
  • Accurate value display
  • Voltage -12V
  • Made in Japan